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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of wearing a skirt ALL DAY and not absolutely dieing to rip it off.

My friend said that she loves wearing skirt because they keep her warm and it feels like she is wearing a blanket. You know what....she was right. It was wonderful.

One of the tricks for me was this. I DID NOT wear my know that terribly uncomfortable tummy tucking devise that rips into the roll(s) of flab that you are trying to hide!

Secondly, under my skirt I wore my comfy, silky, thin long johns that I got from Target last year. They are spandex and polyester and fit skin tight like leggins. Target calls them Cuddle Duds. These were the KEY to staying comfy and warm in a long skirt all day.

Finally, I just accepted my figure as it is. I did not fret about my flab. I just let myself  BE. I also layered a cute denim jacket over my turtleneck so that those layers of thick sagging skin would not show.

I went shopping too!! I decided that if I am going to make this thing work, I need to completely change my closet. I cleaned out all the skirts and jeans that don't fit. I bought most of them cheap and at yard sales and re-sale shops, as I am a bargain shopper. But, instead of wasting a lot of money on in-expensive finds that don't fit, and loading my wardrobe with 10 skirts that just hang and never get worn, I decided to spend the money on ones that I will ACTUALLY WEAR. Why waste the money on 10 cheap skirts, when you can spend the same amount and own 4-5 really nice ones that you will really get your moneys worth out of!?

I found a few really nice skirts at Chicos and Coldwater Creek....all on CLEARANCE and they feel and look great! I also used my coupons, so I got even MORE off.  Now, that I know what fits me, I can actually buy some on ebay and I know if they are from these stores, they will fit!

My husband informed me that he DOES NOT want me to own a denim skirt. This falls into our category of "not cool". My kids would probably be utterly embarrassed if I wore one. See my first post on "A NEW BEGINNING" to understand why.

But, since I really like jeans..... I want a denim can do so much with denim!!


I just found a wonderful website in my search for a nice denim skirt. I really wanted a denim skirt that has a nice flow and is made out of tencel, or rayon, as it is also called. I spent an hour searching the internet and found it! I am going to order this today!!! It is called Faux Denim Embroidered Skirt and is at this wonderful website: specializes in modest clothing for women and girls. Go ahead and search their site for this skirt. Type in the title " Faux denim embroidered skirt". It is a very feminine and flattering design. As soon as I get the skirt, I will post a review and pictures of me with the skirt on.


  1. I like the skirt on their home page. I have a pattern just like it that I bought just before Jonathan's wedding in July. Don't know when I'll make it, but Kylie likes it, too, so maybe I'll work with her when this college term is over to make her own, while I make mine.

  2. I started wearing skirts about twice a week.Then, increased skirt wearing for several reasons.The first reason is that I looked around and saw what women look like in pants. Terrible !What about shorts...even worse! I own two decent pairs of shorts, and went shopping for skirts. I bought three summer skirts for the price of one pair of shorts.I swished around in skirts and nice flipflops or sandals the rest of the summer.It is great to wear a skirt over a swimsuit and in an instant can jump in the pool or go sunning.I love your idea of wearing long johns, especially in this Ohio weather. I normally keep my Nikken long johns on, or at least a pair of tights to cover my legs.My best fitting finds were at Christopher&Banks.

  3. I'm a shopper after your own heart - I love bargains - but only own one skirt that I use for funerals. I really need to start with skirts again, so this blog just might kick-start me into it!

    And the homepage skirt is to my indie liking - it's my denim jacket that I couldn't live without!

  4. I just found your blog, Joy...and love it! I am a full-time skirt/dress wearer, too. I am a bargain shopper as well...with most of my clothes coming from thrift stores or Good will.
    I am your newest follower/subscriber and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    I would love for you to stop by and visit me some time. :)

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