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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chivalry and Skirts

Seriously, have you ever seen a princess in jeans or pants? Every image of a princess that makes its way into your mind is a beautiful maiden wearing a dress. It crossed my mind that maybe men have lost their chivalry because women have lost their skirts. Women have lost their skirts in more ways than one. First of all, many women don't know how to keep their skirts on. Secondly, many women have decided to dominate men and try to be their equal. Have you ever seen a female in combat wearing a skirt? Do you really want to be treated like a man? I DONT! I want to be treated like a princess.

Let's face it, we all want our man to lead the family. We all want to be married to a man who will stand up for what it right, be faithful, protect and provide for us, and fight to the death for us. The reason for so much success in romance novels and stories is that women constantly fantasize about that "perfect" man who will love her and treat her with tender care. We love to be adored. Nearly every successful movie has men being MEN. Most heros on film are MEN doing what they were created to our hero. If you don't beleive me, think about the top 10 movies in blockbuster history; most of them have chivalrous men as the protagonist.

So why has this century lost chivalry? Why do men open their own doors, while leaving us wavering about trying to get into a car while carrying everything in and out of the house? This scence is so prevalent in my home. I am carrying armloads to the car and then, fumbling about trying to lock the house when I leave, while dropping everything. Then, when I finally make it to the car, I am doing a juggling act while trying to open the car door, while the man is oblivious to the entire performance. You finally get intot he car and the family asks "What took you so long?" Seriously, why does the man not ask " Is there anything you need me to carry out to the car?"

Well, before we blame it on the man. We need to evaluate how we usually answer them. Do we have an attitude of  "Supermom" and refuse help? How often I have snapped, "I can handle it" and then I stomp all over him when he does not ask if I want help the next time. How many times have I tried to take control of situations that really if I stepped back and watched, he would handle it? Men are slower and more calculated when it comes to making decisions. They often do not handle things as quickly as we would. So, we jump in and take charge. I think this may have a lot to do with the loss of chivalry in this century.

About a month ago My husband and I were going out. I was on a roll with wearing skirts. When we got to the car, he OPENED the car door for me!! We were driving along, and he declared: "You didn't even notice!!!" I said: "WHAT?" He pronounced, "I opened the car door for you!" Talk about feeling like an idiot. I love having the car door opened for me and he NEVER does it. We have fought about this so many times. But, we both grew up in the 70's and have lived under the destruction of the feminist movement ( another topic for later).

Later that evening, I asked my man why he opened the car door for me. I was floored with his response:
"Because you were wearing a skirt".