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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2
Dressing the turkey!

Hannah decided she wanted a new skirt. Yesterday while we were shopping for me, we found a cute clearance rack skirt for her at The Children's Place. Today, she wore it with her brown leggings and a brown top with a ruffled hem.

" look like a turkey!" exclaimed Elizabeth and we all burst out in laughter including Hannah, who took it all like a good sport. She did not mind at all and strutted around the rest of the day doing her daily duties and schoolwork with a good attitude.

 I had to buy new shoes today. The boots I wore yesterday cut into the back of my ankle and they are the only shoe I own that are comfortable. I certainly was not going to wear fancy heals all day, nor was I going to sport around in tennis shoes for that matter! If this skirt wearing thing is going to be a success, new shoes were now imminent.

During the fittings, I quickly realised that clogs with skirts = Clodhopper!

The next option was boots. The style of boots today are intended to go to the knee, but on me, I am certain they would go to my middle thigh. Given the size of my thight, I doubt that the zipper would go past my knee! Not to mention that they are like pumped up mukluks and I would surely break my ankle in an 8 inch heal!

Alas, I found the perfect pair of shoes. They are versatile, look nice with the skirts, are comfortable and were under $35.

I am not sure if I am going to wear a skirt tomorrow.I think it might be a little warm out and all that I own, by way of skirts is for cooler weather.  I will see in the morning!

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  1. This is hilarious ! I love you Hannah.You guys have me cracking up! The shoe issue is so true. I went through the same process, when I wanted something besides tennis shoes. Flipflops are cute but not ok for driving.I found a pair of " Naturtal Soul" by Naturalizer with a bottom slightly similar to a tennis shoe, leather casual dress uppers that are similar to a ballet flat.I bought them too big on purpose, pulled out the thick/soft liner to put my "Magsteps" in and put the soft liner back in. They are perfect ! I even like them barefoot!I have had many compliments.P.S. they are good with jeans too.