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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New Beginning

This is my journey into the world of skirts.

I have never owned a skirt that fits properly. I am short and stocky. Entering into the realm of trying to feminize my self, I knew that wearing a skirt would certainly not be the answer. One does not picture Bozo the Clown tripping all around in a tent, dragging along the ground as feminine!!

Recently, I have noticed that a good friend of mine always wore skirts. My daughters and I would comment to one another about how beautiful and feminine she looked. Her tall, slender figure was very becoming and skirts flattered her figure. Surely I would never look that pretty in a skirt or a dress for that matter. I am built completely the opposite of her. She was built for dresses, but NOT I !

I have never had one that fits, I look stupid in them, I immediatley want to rip them off after coming home from church because the waist is usually rolled down in order to fit my height. My undergarments are always cutting into my flabby waist and it makes me mad and grumpy! The journey home is always expectant with the joy of putting on a pair of jeans, that really don't fit either, but they are the better of the 2.

I also homeschool and God forbid that I would ever fall into the category of the "denim dress syndrome" and fall into the category of what my kids have labeled "homeschool freaks".

Conviction is a good word for all of these experiences. First of all, I was judging and teaching my kids to judge other homeschoolers who "aren't hip". Secondly, I just did not know how to buy skirts. I was so focused on buying jeans and pants that would somehow fit my larger toosh and my smaller waist. I did not want to fall into that "homeschool freak" category, especially in the eyes of my kids.

This week I decided to go for the "skirt thing". Something just came over me. So, I went shopping for a nice skirt. Armed in my grubby jeans and t-shirt I ventured into Coldwater Creek and felt like a drabby, going gray haired, slob. I left with the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn and knew inside that I could make this thing called "skirt wearing" work!

I have set forth determined that I can do this. But, currently unwilling to give up occasional jean days!

This blog will be my daily journey into the new world of "homeschool freaks" dressed in style and feeling feminine and comfortable and looking radiant with the JOY of the LORD. I am armed and equiped with convictions to make it work and truly be comfortable!

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