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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Skirt Poems

This morning I was inspired to write a poem about skirts. I have always loved this famous work by Robert Lewis Stevenson. When my daughters were young and I read this to them, I remember acting it out for them. I put on a skirt and came walking out of my bedroom while reading it to them and told them to imagine I was wearing a flowing, victorian skirt!

Today I wrote my own poem as well!

Aunties Skirts
By: Robert Lewis Stevenson

Whenver Auntie moves around,
Her dresses make a curious sound;
They trail behind her up the floor,
And trundle after through the door.

Skirt Splendor

by: Adrienne Freas

Enduring and Wise
Cascading liquid
Gilded in silk; tender, sincere

Hemmed in with grace
Dainty, soft and tender
Heaven's blanket of kindness
Delicate flowers abloom

The princess beckons her maidens "Come!"
Join in the dance;
Refine your golden glow!

Darn your stockings!
Polish your shoes!
Bustle up your petticoats!
Amble in the garden;
Adorned in radiant beauty,
Femininity renewed!