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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Success and shopping!

11 months and counting!! What a long way I have come come this year. If you read my original posts from October, 2009 you will remember how frustrating the skirt transition was for me.

I am proud to admit that I wear skirts 6 out of 7 days per week. I love it! I feel so much prettier and I have noticed that I wear and appreciate nice jewelery now too. I am very comfortable and as you recall, this was a top priority for me.

Remember my post about my daughter refusing to wear skirts? She wears skirts about 4 days a week and she loves it too.

This summer I took my mom skirt shopping and we hit the jackpot at Christopher and Banks. We are both petite and have that larger than normal, German toosh. This makes for an interesting shopping experience. Short and wide!! So many of the beautiful skirts are just designed for that taller, slender woman that we are NOT and most of America is NOT!! I refuse to wear a skirt that makes my rear end look larger than a caboose!

If I am gonna spend money on a skirt, it has to meet this criteria:
  1. slenderizing
  2. petite
  3. stylish (not old lady and not professional looking)
  4. reasonably priced

I am proud to say that if you have the same problem that my mom, my grandmother, and I have, you will LOVE Christopher and Banks! Call ahead though, some of their stores do not carry petites. In the Dallas area I have found the largest selection of petite skirts at the one in South Lake, Texas.

My husband got me a Christopher & Banks gift card! To celebrate 1 year of skirt success, I plan to use my C&B gift card to buy a new skirt this fall. Who knows! maybe I will hit the jackpot and find 2 on sale!!

This skirt is one that I got earlier this summer for under $20 and it is one of my favorite and most comfortable skirts. It is currently on the C&B website on clearance for $9.98. Item # 00808812078