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Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Skirt shopping

"Mom, I am going to only wear skirts this summer. They are just more comfortable" declared my 17 year old daughter. This is the same daughter who 2 years ago said, " Mom, now that you are going to start wearing skirts, please don't make us!"

We have come a long way in this house. I only wear pants about twice a month. I love wearing skirts. They are so much more comfy than pants. Today I snapped a quick photo of all my girls while we were shopping at Target. Guess what we were shopping for!? My youngest found a really cute skort. My eldest found a cute sundress today at Belks and I ordered 3 skirts on clearance from Coldwater Creek.

Unfortunately, my package was "delivered" 2 days ago and I still do not have it. The post office is investigating, as we are suspecting it was stolen and may be filling out a police report this weekend. Bummer! The skirts I ordered were so cute too! I guess some skirts are just worth stealing! LOL

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