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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ooops…she forgot to wear her skirt!

Today I was pumping gas and noticed a strange thing.  I kept looking and looking and trying to figure out why the lady next to me was wearing her slip as a skirt. At first I was shocked that someone would actually go out of their house with a slip on and NO skirt!

Upon further investigation and continual peering, I realized that she had a skirt tucked under her slip. I almost said something, but then I thought, "What if she is actually wearing it like that on purpose?" The rest of her outfit was so nice and put together, she did not appear to be a lunatic. Her hair looked nice, her make-up was put on well, and her blouse looked straight enough, but not. When she started to turn towards me I noticed the front of the blouse looked bunched up around her waist and the slip REALLY was indeed a slip with a long slit up the FRONT. It was pretty with nice embellishments, but none the less, it was a slip!

I arrived home and showed my kids the photo that I took with my handy dandy iphone that allowed me to turn away from her and look like I was taking a photo of something else. Gotta love that flip feature of my iphone camera.

After lots of conversation Elizabeth said, "Oh Mom! I bet she tucked in her skirt to lift it off her legs while she was driving because it is so HOT!" You know what? I think she is right. I do some pretty strange things with my skirts when I am driving ( not telling what I do). This Texas heat wave is insane and even with the AC running full blast, it is just too HOT to be driving. Frankly it is too hot to be wearing clothes!

So, that poor lady at the gas station forgot to untuck her skirt out of her slip or she just did not care because after all, this heat can make us do some pretty weird things. Personally I would have been mortified if I forgot to put my skirt back out over my slip. Maybe I should have told her!

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